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Material Transfers
MD Testing

Please note that the following mouse lines will be available through the Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center soon:
delta-sarcoglycan null (I74)
alpha-sarcoglycan null (A575)
alpha1H (AP94)
beta-sarcoglycan deficient (Q94)

The following mouse lines are available through The Jackson Laboratory:
beta sarcoglycan secondary line (Q201)
beta sarcoglycan secondary line (Q201 129S3)
beta sarcoglycan tertiary line (Q283)
floxed alpha dystroglycan (T30 BC6)

floxed alpha dystroglycan (T30/129)
dystroglycan knock out or mutant (TD354 BC6)
sarcospan deficient (U104 BC5)

The following mouse lines are available throught Reasearch Animal Diagnostic Laboratory:
Sarcospan deficient (U202 BC5)

The following antibodies are available through the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank at the University of Iowa:
alpha sarcoglycan (IVD31A9)
beta subunit, skeletal muscle (VD21 B12 DHPR)